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Thaum is a 2D Roguelike where you embark as Jop the Wizard. Imprisoned for practicing witchcraft, the keepers of the stronghold now wielding your powers, you must escape the dungeon and fight the bosses, reclaiming your magical stones before you face off with Vitron, the dungeon master, for your freedom.

This project was created in the Autumn Semester at University over a span of 8 weeks in an Agile environment

This was a really successful project for us, winning the annual Autumn Games Showcase with 45% of the votes in an audience of over 200 against 5 other projects. As such, we do have plans to recreate the project in the future for a proper release 

Game Design/Developers: Rohan Chow, Jake Meyer, Jonah Newton, Matthew Hillier & Matthew Lee

Composition/Sound Design: Jonah Newton

For this project, I undertook the following tasks:

  • Game Design

  • AI Programming/Behaviour/Interaction

  • Enemy Statistics

  • Pixel-art creation

  • Player Abilities

  • Animations



AI and Player Programming​

For this project I was in charge of designing and coding the boss 'Sledge'. This boss had both a patrol behaviour and I created a custom A* pathfinding algorithm for their movement and implemented a finite state machine to handle the behaviours. These behaviours included a range of attacks from a spinning charge, to a shockwave attack that would leave the player stun locked if landed correctly.

Apart from this I also programmed the majority of the players controls and movement. This included an I-Frame roll and an attack combo that could be used if the attack button was clicked three times in quick succession. Being a roguelike game, player abilities were going to be a huge aspect in the core gameplay/themes of this project. I came up with 1 of the 3 player abilities and implemented custom 2D sprite animations for when the player used those abilities. As part of the reward for defeating 'Sledge', the player was given a new ability 'Shockwave' which would allow the player to similarly stun lock enemies giving them a window to damage the enemy.


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