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Starfighter is a 3D space-fighting game created in ThreeJS where your objective is to eliminate enemy spaceships. The enemies come in increasingly large waves, and do increasingly large amounts of damage, making survival harder and harder as you progress through the rounds. 

This project was created in the Autumn Semester at University over a span of 12 weeks in an Agile environment

Winner of the UTS Autumn Games Showcase 2020 best project from Introduction to Computer Graphics.

Game Design/Developers: Rohan Chow, Xavier Carmo, Kevin Lek.

For this project, I undertook the following tasks:

  • Game Design

  • 3D Modelling

  • Visual Effects

  • Item Pickup logic

  • Item/Loot Animations



Items and Loot


For this project, I created all of our custom made assets including health capsules and loot crates along with the logic that came with them. This included stat changes to the spaceship and randomized weapon drops. On top of this, I modelled, animated and added particle effects and neon lighting to our objects and the scene to create an immersive 3D space environment.


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