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Perseverance is a 3D Animation film created in Unity 3D. It follows the story of the Opportunity Rover on Mars and its final moments before being shut down due to environmental issues. The story then follows the Perseverance Rover that famously landed on Mars earlier in 2021. This animation was inspired and was a sort of homage to classic Disney/Pixar films (namely Up and Wall-E).

This project was created in the Autumn Semester at University over the span of 12 weeks.

Film Design/Developers: Rohan Chow, Cameron Jenaway, Jake Meyer & Kevin Nguyen

For this project, I undertook the following tasks:

  • Project Manager

  • Scene Designer

  • 3D Modelling setup/rigging

  • Programmer

  • Logic flow


Full Film


In order to make this project succeed, we would need a clear and careful plan, so I created a couple of story boards using my groups ideas for an obtainable vision. This project took a lot of setting up and understanding as I was pretty new to Unity 3D and had never actually used the High-Definition Rendering Pipeline, but given the initial concept that the group had come up with, I was determined to give it a realistic look/appearance.

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