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Colosseum is a multiplayer arena fighter that was created in Unity 3D. The game features the game modes: Regular Arena Fight, The Floor is Lava & King of The Fish.

If this project continues we plan to implement more modes on top of this and keep iterating/balancing the existing ones

This project was created in the Spring Semester at University over a span of 12 weeks in an Agile environment

This project won the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT Prototype Exhibition 2021 for Best Digital Game.

Game Design/Developers: Rohan Chow, Jake Meyer, Jonah Newton, Matthew Hillier & Matthew Lee

Composer: Zeki Ahmet

Sounds Designers: Jaimee Lee & Sean Dawson

For this project, I undertook the following tasks:

  • Project Manager

  • Game Design

  • 3D Modelling & Rigging

  • Character Animations (1st and 3rd person)

  • 2D Billboarding Setup

  • General UI/UX



3D Rigging and Modelling

For this project my main contribution was the time spent rigging and modelling our character model for both first and third person perspectives. In terms of third person, our team decided to use a low poly gladiator unity asset pack to reduce time spent developing basic character models and weapons. Using both blender and Mixamo, I then attached weapons and bones to the 3D T-posing character model and began animating. First person rigging required a basic hand mesh to be custom rigged with bones with restricted movement before implementing weapons to create customised frame to frame animations.



2D Billboarding and Animating

We wanted to put a spin on our otherwise quite standard PVP game, and thus our team decided to incorporate a 2D Billboarding character style within a 3D interactive environment inspired by games such as 'Slashers Keep'. In order to do this, I was tasked with rendering each animation with a flat cartoon stylized colour with dark outlines to give that 2D effect, which was successfully achieved through Blenders rendering system. On top of this, I was also tasked with setting up the logic to achieve the correct rotation of the 2D sprite image of other players and using Unity's inbuild animation and blend tree systems.


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